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  • Having Lunch at a Salad Bar

    I love salad especially now that I'm trying to watch my weight. I try to take them with enough veggie without unnecessary dressing. Yeah. Salad is great for the body.
  • Will Your New Year Be Happy and Healthy?

    Yeah! I'm already headed in the right direction. I'm more concioud of my health now than ever. I'm go the healthy route of watching what I eat and drink and keeping anything that will hinder my efforts at Bay. It going to my a healthy year for me I believe.
  • The War Against Dry Skin

    Well stated. For me when it has to do with my skin, I like to go the natural route. I drink a whole lot of water and take in fruits. These help my skin remains supple and smooth.
  • Health Tips: Fuel Your Body and Get Energized

    This is a way to go with energizing the body. I'm on a weight loss journey so I don't joke with eating good food and doing my daily workouts. We just need to take care of our bodies to be in top shape.
  • Books Should Never Be Thrown Away

    You just brought back memories of when I used to visit the library at least three times a week then but it seen the internet and ebooks have taken over. Yes, I totally agree books should be donated and not thrown away.
  • Happy World Vegan Day! To My Vegan Friends

    Same to you too. I'm looking to seeing more vagan restaurants too in my country. People need to eat healthily, to not only live long but be in good health for the time they have to live here.
  • Retirement Planning: Best Places to Live

    You listed beautiful that one can really enjoyed after retirement. I will love the Bahamas. It really a cool place for me and living after retirement would be like a dream come true.