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  • Having Lunch at a Salad Bar

    I love salad bars. But now the coronavirus scare has made me rethink eating at places with salad bars and buffet-style foods. Even after the scare is over I am not sure I won't be psychologically conditioned by then.
  • When it Gets Hot Make Gazpacho

    I just did some research on gazpacho. We take it for granted that the recipe includes tomatoes. Not realizing that the original recipe which dates back to ancient Romans times did not include this ingredient because it was not available.
  • Squeeze That Grapefruit

    I love grapefruit; especially ruby red grapefruit. Whenever I go on a diet, I drink grapefruit juice. The only I caution people about is drinking or eating this fruit when you are taking certain medications. Check with your doctor.
  • Foods to Improve Your Mood

    When I was growing up I always heard the old folks insist that fish was brain food. I was glad that we lived in Miami, Florida because we could either buy fish from the store and go fishing.
  • Famous Hollywood Western Star

    As a young child, I absolutely adored Gary Cooper, in any role that he played. Whether it was western, military, ordinary businessman, etc. To this day, I still love watching old movies with him. You also mentioned another star that I admired, James Stewart. Those two men lit up the screen. They are reminders of the goldern era of Hollywood which is now long gone. My favorite Cooper movies was Sergeant York.
  • The Most Expensive Spices and How to Use Them

    I am always interested in learning about herbs and spices. They have such an interesting history. Enjoyed this article.
  • How to get rid of loneliness?

    I am thankful that I do not suffer from loneliness. I do hope that those who do will get help or manage to work through it. I personally get very frustrated when my own children FINALLY tell me they were depressed or lonely but they worked through it. I'm glad they feel better, but I wish they had told me. Maybe I could have helped them work through it quicker. I advise others who are suffering NOT to do what my kids did. Get help. Don't be lonely and suffer alone.