Books Should Never Be Thrown Away

People say that hard copy or paperback books will eventually be replaced by the ever-popular books in digital format. There was actually a statistic reported in 2017, that over 50% of the adults in China read content on their mobile phones.

People say that public libraries will eventually disappear. No need for these physical brick and mortar buildings because all kinds of reading materials will be accessed via the Internet.

Disappearing Libraries?

Public libraries might disappear. But personal libraries probably won’t. When I view the interior of the homes of many of the rich and famous, do you know what I often see in the photographs? A library. That’s right! Now, why would an interior decorator adorn the walls of various rooms with bookshelves? Because people want to hold a hard copy or paperback book in their hands!

It’s a creature comfort. Nothing can replace that wonderful feeling you get, lying in bed or on your couch, and curling up with a really good book. There’s such a good feeling you get from physically touching and turning the pages while reading a book. You just don’t get that feeling when reading the same content on a cell phone or a tablet.

Why Not Donate Books?

If libraries disappear, there are many charitable organizations and NGOs (non-governmental non-profit organizations) that ask people to donate used books for less fortunate people in countries all around the world.

♦ Are you aware of any book donation programs where you live to help people in your local community?

I live in Austin, Texas USA and there are three organizations that accept book donations: Austin Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and our public libraries. Our public libraries still exist. 🙂

If you check, you will probably find similar organizations in your community.

♦ Are you aware of any book donation programs sponsored by organizations to help communities all around the world? aims to encourage world literacy. They will accept hard copy and paperbacks and ship them to wherever there is a need. They believe that there is no such thing as an unwanted book. seeks to empower the world to read. For all of my preaching about hard copy and paperbacks, this charitable organization has figured out a way to use low-cost technology and provide e-Readers or digital books to millions of children and families. Through their program, people can donate e-Books to those in need.

Hey! I never said digital books were a bad thing. I just said they will never completely replace hard copy and paperbacks. 🙂

Here’s an interesting fun fact.

  • is a charitable work that was started because one of the founders had traveled to a country with his family and found a library with a padlocked door.

What’s the Main Point?

My main point is:

  • Libraries may or may not disappear. But books should never be thrown away. Look for charitable ways to donate them.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: April 14th is National Donate-a-Book Day.



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6 thoughts on “Books Should Never Be Thrown Away

  1. Will public libraries disappear? It is possible, but the trend I am witnessing – as somebody who helps to run a public library staffed by volunteers, is that they are more likely to evolve into other entities, particularly local community and education centres.

  2. You just brought back memories of when I used to visit the library at least three times a week then but it seen the internet and ebooks have taken over. Yes, I totally agree books should be donated and not thrown away.

  3. Books have a lot of things inside them, therefore, I always advise people not to throw away their books, but to keep them respectful.

  4. I completely agree what you said in your article, books should never be thrown away , because these books helped us where we are now and can also decide our future so we should give respect to the books we read and instead of throwing we should share it with the people who actually need these book , people who can afford to buy new mew books.

  5. That’s true, public library will soon disappear, since the world is moving digital, lots of publications are stored in the internet.

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