Shining a spotlight on three (3) Texas cities where you might want to vacation or even relocate or retire to: Corsicana, San Antonio, and Houston. Corsicana Tourism is to The Bahamas as oil is to Corsicana. Many cities did not survive the Great Depression and World Wars I and II, […]

Favorite movie stars very likely starred in your favorite movies. Did you grow up watching television or going to the movies on Saturday afternoon? In this article, I am remembering the movie stars from my childhood who are no longer with us. They made quite an impression on my young […]

Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It has a colorful history, flavored with mystery. If one wanted to write about this continent they could easily publish thousands of books and millions of articles. I have a pinboard on Pinterest which I named “Mother Africa”. As of today, […]

Searching for a Tumblr alternative and found a free platform called Over-Blog. When Tumblr was owned by YAHOO, I unintentionally violated their rules and as a result, all of my blogs were deleted. My entire account was deleted and my eMail was flagged. That sent me searching the Internet looking […]

It’s October and it’s time for Halloween. For this article I wanted to present a quick discussion highlighting some interesting and fun facts about the Halloween holiday; mainly, its history and the superstitious beliefs associated with it. The History (and My History) of Halloween I attended Catholic school and can […]

The Internet is flooded with healthcare blogs and websites. Several years back I was approved as an affiliate to promote health-related products. This got me interested in learning more about various healthcare topics. So I subscribed to receive newsletters via eMail and began searching for websites that supplied reliable healthcare […]

According to a fact sheet about the history of NASA, the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration didn’t really have anything to do with the weather. The President of the United States and Congress created NASA on October 1, 1958. Its mission was described as follows: “An Act […]

Planning a vacation? Need suggestions? How about South Florida and The Bahamas? They both have beautiful beaches. Isn’t that enticement enough? I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. My husband and father are both from The Bahamas, a country right next door to Florida. For those who are planning […]