Embrace the Void

In the realm where life’s dance begins, Amidst the cosmic, where each tale spins, There lies a story of microscopic might, Of beings unseen, yet bearing the light.

In the vast expanse of a womb’s embrace, Where dreams of existence find their place, Spermatozoa race in fervent spree, Seeking the zygote, the essence to be.

Estrogen, like a gentle breeze, does blow, Guiding the way where life’s seeds grow, Yet, amidst this dance of feminine grace, Lurks the void, the emptiness we face.

Testosterone, in its fiery blaze, Ignites the passion, the primal craze, But within the flames, there lies a chill, A reminder of the void, haunting still.

Progesterone, the silent keeper of time, Weaving the threads of destiny’s rhyme, Yet in its embrace, there’s a whisper of fear, Of the nothingness that draws near.

For feeble is the vessel of human birth, A fragile shell upon the vast earth, And within each soul, a void does dwell, A yearning for meaning, a tale to tell.

In the depths of the human heart’s abyss, Lies the ache for purpose, the longing for bliss, Yet amidst the chaos, the tumultuous sea, There’s a silent surrender to the void’s decree.

For in the end, what is life but a dream, A fleeting moment, a transient gleam, And within the void, we find our rest, A return to nothingness, at our behest.

So let us dance amidst the cosmic flow, Embracing the void, as above, so below, For in its depths, we find our release, And in nothingness, we find our peace.


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