Limericks About Love

In love, they both danced on a whim,

Their passion ablaze, oh so grim!

But when dawn’s light did show,

They found they must go,

For love, it can fade on a whim.

There once was a lover so bold,

Who swore their affection was gold.

But when push came to shove,

They fled from true love,

Leaving hearts shattered and cold.

Two souls met in love’s sweet embrace,

In a whirlwind, they shared their space.

But like petals of spring,

Love took flight on a wing,

Leaving memories in its trace.

They thought their love would forever last,

But time proved it a thing of the past.

Though they swore by the stars,

It fizzled like Mars,

An illusion that faded too fast.

A love born in whispers and sighs,

Seemed destined to reach the skies.

But as swiftly as air,

It vanished in despair,

Leaving only tears in its guise.

Their love was a dance in the rain,

Filled with joy, yet tinged with pain.

For though hearts beat as one,

Their journey was done,

Leaving only memories to remain.

In love’s tangled web, they did fall,

But soon found themselves hitting a wall.

For what once felt so right,

Turned to darkness from light,

A paradox, leaving them appalled.

They chased love like a dream in the night,

But found it elusive, out of sight.

For though they yearned and they tried,

Love quickly faded and died,

Leaving them lost in its flight.

Their love was a fire, burning bright,

But it flickered and faded from sight.

Though they stoked it with care,

It vanished in the air,

Leaving only ashes in the night.

They thought love would conquer all woes,

But soon found it ebbed and it flowed.

For in the blink of an eye,

It bid them goodbye,

Leaving them questioning its throes.


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