Haiku: Despair


Lost in the labyrinth mind,

Reality fragments.


Chaos unfurls wings,

Dark feathers in the tempest,

Storm of disarray.



Life’s riddle without answer,

Absurdity’s joke.


Existential haze,

Illusions of reality,

Mirage of the self.


Hope’s fading ember,

A flicker in the darkness,

Despair’s silent win.


Nihilistic void,

Nothingness, the final truth,

Absence of all light.



Senses lost in the abyss,

A dance with the void.


Absurdity’s laugh,

Echoes in the empty halls,

Laughter without joy.


Chaos in the mind,

A whirlwind of confusion,

Lost in the tempest.


Paradox of life,

Existence without meaning,

Nihilistic void.


Shadows of suffering,

Pain’s silhouette on the soul,

Despair’s heavy cloak.


Existential cry,

A scream in the silent void,

Echoes of nothing.


Death’s quiet embrace,

Silence in the final breath,

Endless oblivion.


Absurdity’s dance,

Reality’s twisted joke,

Laughter in the dark.


Despair’s silent wail,

Echoes in the hollow heart,

Suffering’s cruel song.


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