Haiku: Carnal Love

Embers of passion,

Flames that refuse to flicker,

Love’s eternal fire.


Lips meet in fervor,

Flames of passion unbridled,

Love’s heated embrace.


Intimate whispers,

Bodies entwined in desire,

Steamy love unfolds.


Tender fingertips,

Tracing paths of ecstasy,

Romance in moonlight.


Carnal flames ignite,

Bodies consumed by desire,

A dance of two hearts.


Sultry summer night,

Stars witness love’s fervent glow,

Steamy hearts ablaze.


In the candle’s glow,

Love’s silhouette painted bold,

Hot passion unveiled.


Rendezvous at dusk,

Bodies pressed in fiery need,

Love’s scorching fervor.


Carnal cravings met,

Flames of passion intertwine,

Steamy love’s ascent.


Soft breath on bare skin,

A symphony of desire,

Romance’s sweet tune.


Unbridled yearning,

Flames flicker in hungry eyes,

Love’s wild conquest.


Steam rises between,

Bodies entwined, hearts ablaze,

Passion’s fiery dance.


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