Wounds in Words

Whispers in the Shadows

Beneath the weeping willows, innocence crumbled, In war’s dark embrace, where hope once humbled. Children’s laughter silenced, like a stolen song, Innocent hearts, where the shadows belong.

Through shattered windows, the moon sheds tears, On silent streets haunted by lingering fears. Mothers weep, cradling dreams turned to dust, Innocence lost, an unjust, bitter thrust.

Canvas of Desolation

A city painted in shades of despair, Streets echo with footsteps of the broken, aware. Windows shattered, like the dreams of the young, Innocence tarnished, a melancholy sung.

Crumbled playgrounds, where joy used to bloom, Now a canvas of desolation, a heart-wrenching gloom. Children’s eyes reflect the scars of the land, Innocence lost to war’s relentless hand.

Cacophony of Sorrow

In the quiet corners of a war-torn town, Where laughter once echoed, misery is now found. Cacophony of sorrow, an orchestra of pain, Innocent hearts caught in a relentless chain.

Schools stand hollow, books whispering tales, Of a world once filled with innocence, now impales. The playgrounds echo with a haunting refrain, Innocence, like fragile glass, shattered in vain.

Footprints in the Dust

Footprints in the dust tell tales untold, Of innocence stolen, of stories unfold. War’s cruel dance leaves no soul unscarred, Innocent hearts, forever marred.

The playgrounds bear witness to joy’s swift descent, Innocence buried beneath a cold lament. The laughter of children, a distant memory, In war’s cruel game, no one is free.

Elegy for a Village

A village in ruins, where echoes of joy once thrived, Innocent lives lost, a lament deeply derived. Cradled by nature, now scarred by the fight, Innocence extinguished in the dark of the night.

Fields once green, painted red with sorrow, Innocent dreams, a bleak tomorrow. Whispers of a village lost to the strife, Innocence buried, a cruel afterlife.


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