Whispers of War

In the shadowed fields where poppies once bloomed, War’s harrowing tale, a symphony of doom. Beneath a blood-stained sun, whispers of despair, Humanity’s plea lost in the cold, callous air.

Amidst the rubble, where laughter once echoed, Silent cries linger, in the ruins swallowed. Bombs fell like tears, tearing the fabric of time, Echoes of agony, a haunting, relentless chime.

Soldiers clad in echoes of forgotten dreams, Trapped in the inferno, where silence screams. Bullets sing a deadly lullaby, tales untold, Innocence shattered, a story of hearts cold.

Missiles dance with the wind, a deadly ballet, As cities crumble, hope slowly fades away. A symphony of destruction, a cacophony of pain, In the name of power, humanity’s loss, the ultimate gain.

Nuclear shadows stretch across the desolate land, Whispers of extinction, a fate no one planned. Mushroom clouds paint a canvas of despair, A requiem for the Earth, a solemn prayer.

In the aftermath, where silence reigns supreme, Survivors wander, lost in a waking dream. Broken landscapes, etched with the scars of strife, A poignant reminder of the cost of human life.

Through the fog of war, a reflection unfolds, Of fractured souls, and stories left untold. In the ruins of empires, a lesson to learn, That the true cost of war, humanity cannot earn.


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