You and I: A Journey into the Self

Well, it is not that easy to describe “I.” Who is this I? What is this I? Similarly, You is also an obscure persona. However, the only thing that is clear is I is not You, and you is not I.

When I am referring to “I,” I mean I, me and myself. When I am referring “You,” I mean you and yourself.

Now you might be confused. Nevertheless, if you ponder into this you will find this very simple.

When I say “I” I am referring to my “self” “soul” or persona. When I say “You” I am referring to your “self” “soul” and persona.

When you say “I,” you are referring to your “self”, soul and persona; when you say you, you are referring to my “self” soul and persona.

I in me and I in you may not be visible to other person.

Don’t you find this confusing? All our life we want to be I but end up being you (want to be true self but become just like other person.


In the evolution process, “I” has evolved as a superior species. In God’s creation, I am a powerful human being.

I am I. I am not you.

My experiences are mine and my insights are entirely mine. My experiences and insights are not vain, because they can contribute to the existing social order, and knowledge and wisdom pool.

I may harvest your knowledge and wisdom, however, unless I can feel it myself, your knowledge and wisdom will not help me to liberate myself from the ignorance.

My thoughts and my ways of doing things fail; however, I never fail.

Agreed, I’m not perfect. But then tell me who is perfect? Even God’s first human creation Adam and Eve were imperfect.

I have unique identity. This makes me special.

I was born empty handed, I die empty handed. I go to the grave empty handed, because I did not bring anything here. I’m complicating my life with complicated definitions, even though I know I will become dust. I gathered everything from this world, therefore I leave my possession here.

Why am I struggling to acquire material things, when I have to leave them behind?

You and I

Recently, a friend wrote to me: I had a thought I wanted to share with you. Here is the concept. I am not afraid of your wants, desires or will… so why these things are considered limiting to ourselves?

What are the differences between the following concepts?

  • Your wants, desires or will?
  • My wants, desires or will?

Who is this “You?”

Who is this “My” (I)?

“You” is everything that is not I. You and I are very different, yet they are depended on each other.

I am not afraid of your wants, desires or will. What does this assertion mean? That I accept your existence, that my existence is depended on you, that you and I do not exist in seclusion.

Then there is also another truth.

Wants, desires, and will limit us.

Wants, desires, and will are limited to us.

Maybe that is because of the duality of nature. We want to get away from everything, yet we want to get involved in everything. All our life two types of concepts motivate us:

  • I want to be free.
  • I want to be at your feet.

And we never know which rules us when.

I, Me and Myself

I is the self, the soul, the speaker, the writer.

Me is the objective form of I.

Myself is reflexive and empathetic form of me.

I, Me and Myself are three words of personification. Linguistically speaking, there is no literal difference in I, Me and Myself. If there is any difference, it is in the way we use these worlds to emphasize different things.

In the spiritual world, there is a whole difference between these three elements of personification. We can realize these three in different forms, in different level of consciousness.


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