Silent Cries on Broken Soil

In the realm of chaos, where shadows dance, War unfolds, a macabre trance. Battles birthed in the crucible of despair, A symphony of destruction fills the air.

Crimson rivers flow, staining the earth, As life’s essence mingles with the dirt. Soldiers, like puppets in a malevolent show, Caught in the throes of an unyielding woe.

Beneath the moon’s indifferent gaze, Hollow whispers echo in war’s maze. Hearts, once ablaze with passion’s fire, Now shrouded in a funeral pyre.

Love, once a beacon, now a ghost, Haunted by the ones who loved the most. Crippled affections, wounded and scarred, In the aftermath of a love unbarred.

In the trenches of despair, souls decay, As the specter of death leads the way. Bodies entwined in a dance of demise, A cruel masquerade under blood-stained skies.

The hollowness of human loves exposed, In the silence where grief imposed. Embraces severed by the cold hands of fate, As war rewrites the stories written on love’s slate.

Limbs entangled in a grotesque ballet, As the battlefield claims its toll each day. Broken dreams and shattered desires, Ignited by the malevolent fires.

War, a merciless sculptor of human clay, Molding figures in a grotesque display. Crippled minds, scarred and maimed, In the relentless pursuit of power, untamed.

A tapestry of horror woven in despair, Threads of agony, woven with care. War’s legacy etched on history’s page, A chilling tale of a desolate age.


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