Flash Fiction: Suicide Note

Rain! Oh, it’s raining. Rafik…Rooja…Fatima…where are you Fatima? When will the super be ready, what’s cooking in. Will you get me a cup of tea? Fatima, get me a cup of tea, did you hear what I said.

Fatima speaks from a distance. Why…I’m busy in the kitchen. Rooja, go and see your father what’s he after.

This woman is always busy for me. Rooja? Why would I see that shameless girl? She doesn’t cover her head, hangs out with unbelievers.

What the hell was that? Hey tell me who are you? Wait, I’m coming.

There’s nothing here, where has it gone? What’s this thing on my hand? Mm…It’s a rope. A rope? How did it come here…Hey you geckos crawling on the wall, don’t ever dare to stare at me, wait, wait for me, you ugly creatures.

Here you scamper. You were challenging me, huh? What do I do with this rope…Oh, where have those geckos gone…Err on the ceiling, ha, you have taken refuse beside the fan. So you want to play a game. Alright, wait for me I’m coming to get you…Don’t laugh, I can get you if I stand on the chair.

Here I ‘m, I can almost touch you now. So you think you still want to fight me. Let me see what you’re doing. Ha, awful geckos are feeding on mosquitoes! I thought, you were glaring at me, poor creatures, you don’t feel like me. Do you feel pain; no, I mean not the physical one, just like my agonies…Why is this rope still on my hand?

Rooja’s distant voice: Abba, where are you…Abba….Brother did you see…Abba…

Don’t want to see you, shameless people. You mock me, you don’t believe the Prophet, you have no faith in Allah. I could not mend my children, forgive me Allah, forgive me for I have sinned.

Chair wobbles and falls on the floor. Strangled gasps, choked grunts, a violent swinging in the air. And then the stillness!

Rooja’s ascending voice: Abba, where are you, are you in the room?

Light footsteps are heard and then few moments later door creaks.

Abba, why haven’t you switched the lights on?

Switchboard clicks and then the loud violent cry: Abba…Abba…



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