Flash Fiction: Samsara

So, you don’t love me, you don’t want to reciprocate my feelings!

That’s right baby, your hate is killing me. But listen baby, listen, every time you kill me, I’ll rise again, like the phoenix from the ashes. The old will die and new will resurrect.

Do you believe in Karma, do you believe in Samsara, do you believe in rebirth?

Karma is by-product of your deeds; what you sow, so shall you reap. Samsara is endless cycle of life, the chain of birth and rebirth. Old becomes new, as simple as that.

Your old avatar hates me but your new avatar will love me.

I see you smiling – a blend of pity and condescension. So you are calling me iconoclast. You might have reasons, reasons not necessarily the truth, however, pragmatic in its aspect. No-no, there’s nothing indiscreet in your saying. Actually, you know, nothing infuriates me because I understand the theory of old and new.

Baby, perhaps I’m making you torpid. Allow me to tell you a story.

Long-long time ago there was a savant named Jad Bharat. He lived by a riverside in a jungle. One day he witnessed a gazelle die shortly after giving birth to a calf. He was so much overwhelmed with sorrow that he decided to rear the calf.

Once he had been a king, had abandoned his all belonging, he sought for nothing but the truth. However, in his old age, he was deeply attached to the young gazelle.

Due to this attachment, after death, Jad Bharat took the life of a gazelle. He could remember his past life because of good Karma in his past life. Feeling remorse for his attachment to the gazelle, he corrected his Karma. Then he was born as a Brahmin. In one of his multiple lives, he was able to explain the miseries of birth and rebirth. He was born no more.

See, how old becomes new. You understand, what I’m saying, don’t you baby?

Old you will die and new you will resurrect. And we will be liberated.

Yes baby, yes, we will be liberated. We will be born no more. What is the meaning of my love, and what is your hate actually!


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