Flash Fiction: Pixelated Passion

Actually, they did not meet on a dating site.  However, they were building a relationship in the virtual world. Here is an excerpt from the middle of the conversation.

He: So, I’m talking with Greek Goddess!

She: Aha! Thanks!

He: I picture you as a Venus!

She: Oho…

He: Do you often chat with strangers? I don’t!

She: Neither do I. I mean I don’t mind. But it doesn’t happen often.

In the beginning, they talked nothing substantial. They asked what was the time in their respective places, what’s the weather like, what they do for living etc. It was not important if they talked truth but what was important was they were communicating. 

He: Hello, here!

She: Hi! Good to see you, now! Early huh?

He: Do you think me a guy who roams late night?

She: Ha-ha…you are a guy who keeps posting pictures.

 He: A good line

She: You seem to be quite popular online.

He: Yes, but the people I meet online cannot be the ones like I can touch and feel.

She: Touching is that important? Words can’t make you feel?

He: Words are hollow. Hey, did you think touching in another way…

She: No! Just like the way you think. You mean our talks are hollow?

 He: How do you know what I’m thinking?

She: Not exactly. But I can predict.

As they chat more often, they begin to open up.  They accepted that in the beginning they made stories and tried to hide the truth. They said they did not want any Tom, Dick, and Harry to know about them.

She: Do you mind voice?

He:  I mind

She: Why?

He: Can’t speak!

She: Hmm…

He: I’m dumb.

 She: Then the skype is screwed. I’m also dumb.

 He: And also deaf.

 She: I mean too shy. Really?

 He: Yes!

She: Ok. Do you miss me when I’m away?

 He:  I do.

She: Don’t lie; I know you don’t because if you did, you could have mailed me.

He: If you are so sure about the answer then why did you ask me?

She: Just my hypothesis.

 He: Your hypothesis is so wrong.

 She: What’s right? Tell me.

He: I was so much engrossed with work.

 She: Yes I know, you have a busy schedule. That made you forgot me right?

 He: Yes.

 She: It’s okay…at least your here now..

 He: Only for you.

She: But it’s not nice to be forgotten no matter how busy a person is.

The affair continues…..and they live happily ever after in the virtual world.


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