Flash Fiction: Ctrl+Alt+Love

In the cyber space, a girl meets a boy, and the boy meets the girl. They send messages, they reply messages. Ask me what they write, I will tell you everything.

Boy:  Thanks for accepting my friendship, you look nice.

Girl: D

Boy: Why don’t you go online? Do boys bother you? P

Girl: Will be online for you: D

Couple of days later the boy and the girl are in the chat room. Here is an excerpt from the middle of the conversation.

He: How old you became on August 13?

She: 22.

He: I’m 17.

She: Wow! Are you serious?

He: Serious. Don’t you believe?

She: How can you be that clever at 17?

He: I was born this way!

She: Cool! Baby I was born this way! Oh yeah!

He: I don’t like Gaga’s songs, but she is cool.

She: I like Alehandro.

He: Never heard! I love Pink Floyd and Jim Morrison.

She: Never heard.

He:  Jim Morrison died in early 70’s and Pink Flyod was popular in the eighties, you were not born when they sang.

 She: Aha right! But neither were you.

He: Well actually, I listened to them as a child in 70’s.

She: Aha! Stop kidding me, you guy!

He: Well actually I’m 47 years old, married with a lovely wife and a child

She: That sounds cool. So you have missed the 4 with 1? They actually seem alike.

 He: What does that mean?

She: 17-47.

He: So you are doing mathematics?

She: Aha forget it.

He: Forget everything, I’m neither old, or too young.

She: Who cares! You are you! And that’s wonderful!

He: Well actually I was trying to be funny with a funny girl.

She: Me vice versa. Aha…

The next day.

She: Hi!

He: So early?

She: Yeah! How are you?

He: I just woke up and logged to see if you were here.

She: Oh! Wow!  I too, just woke.

He: It is 10:45 AM here, a rather hazy day.

She: Here 9.

He: I’m going to eat, drink and be happy. What’s in your mind?

She: I’m going to eat chocolate and go to work.

He: After you have taken the first bite, save a piece for me.

She: Aha! Ok. I’ll take another bite then.

He: Got to go, have a nice day!

She: You too! Take care

And then the next day…

“I’m gay,” he said.

 “That’s ok. I’m working on a gay company, everyone around is gay,” she tried to assure him.

“Really?” his eyes were pulled to ears. She smiled. “I hope to work with lesbians some day,” he added.

“Why lesbians?” she asked.

“Maybe I could correct my orientation,” he was somber.

She looked surprised. “You want?”

 “I don’t want, but the laws in this country are tough,” he replied.

“That doesn’t mean correcting,” she looked straight into his eyes. “You should want it, otherwise no sense.”

“You are correct,” he said. “But my family needs to understand this.”

“Do you think gays are born that way, or is that a choice?” she asked.

“Some are born that way, and some choose.”

“And you?” she looked persistent.

He laughed. “I choose to joke!”

“How’s that?” Her eyebrows were stretched.

“See, I can choose to joke about myself.”

“So you are not?” She grabbed his arm.

“I was trying to be funny,”

“Aha…kill you, I believed.”

He smiled. “Was I funny?”

“Nah!” she shook her head. “I don’t think gay people are funny. But it’s funny that you joked!”

Next day…

…and it continues in the Age of Algorithms


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