Eccentric Echoes of the Everyday

In the tapestry of existence, a common man weaves, A tool in the hands of family, society, and what he conceives. The weight of expectations, a burden he bears, In the grand scheme of life, he becomes ensnared.

Within the walls of family, a dutiful role, A pawn in the game, a mere rigmarole. Absurdity echoes in familial ties, His identity obscured, his spirit denies.

Society’s script, a relentless demand, A puppet on strings, in a vast command. In the masquerade of norms, he plays his part, Yet, his feeble existence, a work of art.

At the workplace altar, he offers his days, A cog in the machine, lost in a maze. Absurdity thrives in the daily grind, His dreams, mere fragments left behind.

Country’s call, a duty to fulfill, In the service of nation, his purpose distill. Yet, in the vast expanse, his voice a whisper, Absurdity echoes, his significance, a flicker.

A feeble man, tossed in the worldly stream, A tool, a pawn, in life’s grand scheme. Absurdity’s dance, a relentless waltz, His feeble existence caught in its vaults.

In the grand theater of life, he takes a cue, A puppet, a player, in roles he must pursue. Yet, in the absurdity, a yearning persists, For a feeble man seeks meaning in the twists.

Family, society, workplace, and country’s decree, A common man’s existence, feeble yet free. In the absurdity of life’s intricate plan, He grapples with meaning, a feeble man.


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