Clockwork Contradictions

In the concrete jungle, where the towers stand tall, Humans scurry, another brick in the wall. A modern rat race, a relentless spree, Naked in absurdity, they long to be free.

Cogs in the wheel, turning in despair, Faces in the crowd, a vacant stare. In the labyrinth of routine, a maze they weave, Naked to the truth, they scarcely perceive.

Suits and ties, the uniform of the day, Lost in the shuffle, dreams decay. Another brick laid in the corporate shrine, Naked aspirations, obscured by the grind.

In the office hive, where fluorescent lights hum, Humans toil, their spirits numb. Naked ambitions, stripped by the grind, In the rat race, they leave their dreams behind.

Clocks ticking loudly, a relentless beat, In the monotony, humanity takes a seat. Naked souls, stripped of delight, Chasing shadows in the relentless night.

In the Wall Street canyons, where ambitions sprawl, Humans conform, another brick in the wall. A cog in the wheel, they whirl and spin, Naked to the absurdity, they lose within.

In the naked truth of the modern day, Humans yearn to break away. From the brick-laden walls, the wheels that turn, In the absurd dance, a desire to discern.

Naked in the rawness of life’s cruel jest, They seek meaning in the relentless quest. To break free from the wall, the wheel’s cruel spin, In the absurdity of life, a search begins.


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