Life sometimes can be so cold especially when we feel we are all alone in this world. Sometimes it feels everyone has deserted us and we are almost all alone. Sometimes too we don’t know how to be happy in our lonely state. This lonely state might bring with it […]

How do you make money with murder? Well before reading, if you would be thinking of hitmen, then you would be wrong. No, I am not writing about someone murdering another person. I am referring to a fantastic author who wrote about murder and did an outstanding job too. After […]


One thing humans look forward to is living life to the fullest. We always want to live to the good ripe age before passing away. Though circumstances sometimes beyond our control cut short this beautiful dream of ours but then we still need to do things that will boost our […]

Even though I grew up loving rock and roll I also favored other kinds of music and I fell in love with Old Hollywood movies. I would absolutely love to watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing and romancing. They just made you have that really all-around good feeling and […]

Massacre. If only this word was not a part of our human vocabulary. The definition is: the killing of many people (or animals) ruthlessly and indiscriminately. The content of this article is extremely grave and serious. So prepare your mind before you read. When I did the searches via Twitter […]

When I read about famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald having has his first novel “This Side of Paradise” published on March 26, 1920, when he was just 23 years old I have to sigh. I know myself at that age and even though I was already writing up a storm […]

Salad bars can be found almost everywhere nowadays and have become quite popular with the lunchtime crowds. However, you still have to consider what you choose for your salad because all that’s offered isn’t healthy for you. So when you’re ready to get your salad, consider what you will choose […]


Hobbies are activities we enjoy to do and passionate about doing them. Sometimes we find it difficult getting up to dress for work but with hobbies it something we unconsciously want to do daily; in fact, we look up to doing them at the appropriate time. Then why not, if […]